Welcome to the KZN Motorcycle Federation. This website is a work in progress.The use of these entities are for KZNMF member clubs only. General adverts will be published if they serve the good of the biking fraternity i.e. a demo days or discounts offered by biking stores, funerals, rallies and special events at the discretion of the KZNMF will also be advertised. Provided these are on a day that is not clashing with any event of a KZNMF member club. Non Sanctioned clubs and their events will not be added to these forums. To join the KZNMF and benefit from the above and much more please contact Vincent Tait. for more information.  Should you have any content, please do not hesitate to contact the Webmaster by using the Contacts Page


The new 2014 constitution can be seen here. You need to be a KZNMF member club to view the constitution as it is a password protected document. For the password, please email me on and I will send it to you. Please treat all documentation as strictly confidential.


If you have an event registered on the events page where there is information outstanding (i.e. TBA), please can you contact me on with the rest of the info.

Presidents Council / Federation meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of every month at 19:00 for 19:30 (unless communicated otherwise). Please refer to the Events or Meetings page for any possible venue or time changes. Should you wish to register an event on the Events Page, please remember that this works on a first come first serve basis, and paid up members will get preference.

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We urge all clubs and riders to please be visible on the road. Invest in a reflector jacket, these can be purchased for as little as R50. If you are worried about your colours being covered up, sew a set on the reflector jacket, simple! Please guys and girls, we are losing too many good people out there. Be proactive on the road and remember.... DRESS FOR THE FALL!!!

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